Concept Technology SA website
Mohamed Nakhlawy 11 hours ago

Concept Tech is one of the leading companies specialized in designing and preparing computer systems and designing web and mobile applications using the modern programming languages and using the modern and largest databases ... read more

Eng Books PDF website
Mohamed Nakhlawy 10 hours ago

This website is launched in Jan 2018 as a free helpful source for all engineers. website team make great efforts to search for engineering books on the search engines and present free PDF kinds of these books here in one place with an easy way to download without Violation any property of copy rights. ... read more

Backend Company website
Mohamed Nakhlawy 10 hours ago

Back-end Company one of the fastest growing, most exciting businesses in Egypt. Launched in 2005, Backend was founded on a belief that all companies related to the retail sales should be able to leverage the power of both our solutions and modern technology to power their businesses. We help to improve both the lives of our customers and their businesses. ... read more

Why Afrodien Panel?
Mohamed Nakhlawy 6 days ago

Afrodien Panel is responsive, so you can mange your website from any where.We offer free SSL certificate and domain with annual plan. ... read more

IMS Group website
Mohamed Nakhlawy 10 hours ago

The International Group for Marketing Services (IMS Group) specializes in providing the best marketing services for companies and factories, whatever the size of their business and whatever its location ... read more